World Netball International Officiating Manager Has Research Article Published

World Netball’s (WN) International Officiating Manager, Christina Barrow, has had her research article on international netball officiating published by Managing Sports and Leisure.

The research article was part of Christina’s masters in ‘Performance Enhancement in Sports Officiating’, which she was one of the world’s first graduates from, and it is entitled: ‘An examination of how voluntary international netball officials view and experience well-being.’

Speaking on the exciting news of her research article being published, Christina said: “Research on this topic was important to me as exploring volunteer netball umpires’ experiences is key to understand what influences their well-being.

“The general findings from the research showed for voluntary international netball officials that there is a perceived stigma around revealing well-being issues, there is need for further organisational resources and support, and unfairness might contribute to the well-being of officials in high- performance sport.”

WN is committed to ensuring that the WN Officials are valued, and that we offer them the support needed in order to allow them to consistently deliver world class performances, all of which is outlined in our Officiating Advisory Panel strategic plan.

To read Christina’s research article, click here.

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