Mirxes Nations Cup 2023 Results- Singapore falls 52-50 to Papua New Guinea in netball Nations Cup opener


Mirxes Nations Cup 2023 Results are in for the 1st game of this year’s event; with a stunning upset at the OCBC Arena, Singapore succumbed to a 52-50 loss against Papua New Guinea in the thrilling opener of the Mirxes Nations Cup. This unexpected outcome left the netball community in awe as Papua New Guinea, the underdogs and world No. 36, overshadowed Singapore, which is ranked 10 places higher.

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The arena buzzed with anticipation as the teams clashed, with Papua New Guinea stepping up as the “dark horse,” demonstrating an impressive 85% conversion rate from 61 goal attempts. The revitalized Papuan team, augmented by the prowess of six Australia-based players, displayed remarkable tenacity and skill, seeking redemption from a previous 56-45 defeat by Singapore earlier this year.

Singapore’s coach, Annette Bishop, pointed out a few critical errors that swayed the game away from their favor. Annette Bishop said: “It was just a few silly errors throughout the game that cost us, and we need to ensure we minimize our errors.

“We knew they had a young team and would be a bit of a dark horse because they brought in some (Australia-based) players we haven’t seen before.”

Siyvia, 22, who was making her debut for Papua New Guinea, said: “It’s a great step up and it really challenges my game. We didn’t give up and we had a great score but there is room for improvement for the next game.”

 In an electrifying match that kept around 600 spectators on the edge of their seats, Singapore displayed an initial burst of brilliance, quickly amassing points. However, Papua New Guinea responded with relentless determination, grasping control in the subsequent quarters.

The dynamic of the game witnessed dramatic twists, with Singapore’s spirited comeback in the fourth quarter reviving hopes and leveling the scores at a nail-biting 44-44.

Yet, in the decisive moments that could have tilted the match in Singapore’s favor, fortune didn’t smile upon them. Crucial opportunities slipped through their fingers, allowing Papua New Guinea to clinch a triumphant victory.

Both teams displayed immense dedication, contributing to a match replete with intense moments and unforgettable performances. The way forward is paved with optimism and a vision to learn from the past.

As the teams regroup and strategize for their upcoming challenges, the spirit of competition burns brightly, promising more spectacular showdowns in the arena.

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